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Our mission is to propel the entrepreneurs and leaders scaling game-changing solutions to the world's biggest energy, climate, and transportation challenges.​ 

We partner with the mavericks and trailblazers trying to solve humanity's BHP's (Big Hairy Problems).  Through our partnerships, we support fast-paced scale-up companies to build high-performing diverse teams as part of an empowered organizational culture.  We are passionate advocates of equitable organizations - diversity and inclusion increases creativity, productivity, innovation and ultimately positive impact.  



Representing 38 COUNTRIES

THE world's Most Exciting Impact entrepreneurs

cutting edge content FROM 60 GLOBAL THOUGHT-LEADERS

50% women both on and off the stage

Game-changing connections

However, we are unapologetically dedicated to our purpose so we are constantly looking for new ways to create more impact. 

By working directly with the world's most exciting and innovative organizations we have the opportunity to be more hands-on in our approach to accelerating the global transition to cleaner energy.  


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Unlike the challenges we face, our strategy is simple. We help impact entrepreneurs scale their businesses in three ways;


We Build World-Class Leadership Teams for Low Carbon, Clean Energy, and E-Mobility Companies:

​As entrepreneurs ourselves, we know first-hand an exceptional leadership team and board of directors is essential to a business’s success.  Our experience in building companies from the ground up gives us a unique advantage in the executive and board hiring process. 

​We work with fast-paced scale-up companies who care about legacy, want to do things differently, and believe in the power of building high-performing diverse teams as part of an empowered organizational culture.  


We Put our Extensive Global Network to Work:

Through our award-winning Energy Disruptors summit and 15-year track record in the executive search and consulting markets, we have built a network of more than 5000 of the world’s most influential leaders and decision-makers in the global energy and mobility sectors.  On clearly defined timelines and with shared objectives, we make strategic introductions on behalf of our clients in order to ignite game-changing collaborations.


We Unite Rule-Breakers & Change-Makers:

The Energy Disruptors: UNITE summits provide insight into our global energy future and boldly addresses the opportunities and challenges presented by game-changing technologies, global trends, disruptive innovations, and cross-industry collaborations.  It is an inspirational idea exchange where participants can forge new relationships across multiple countries and industries.  The connections made between key energy stakeholders at our events have led to new businesses, unprecedented collaborations, and an on-going global dialogue.  

what we do


Go to the Moon: 

Be unapologetic about delivering our purpose.  Be brave, break new ground, change the world.


People First:

Ordinary people can do extraordinary things when we work together.  Diversity enhances creativity. Unleash the transformative power of human ingenuity. Collaborate.

Swing for the Fences: 

Start before you’re ready. Boldly explore the skinny branches.

Cards on the Table:

Be radically transparent - say what you mean and do what you say.  Own your opinions and be proactive with your feedback. 

Stay Hungry:

Explore like a kid, hustle like a rookie.  Question all assumptions.  Follow the fun.​​

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our values


Values First: If it’s not the right thing to do, we won’t do it. We have a moral obligation to anticipate and address the negative consequences of rapid growth.  We value humanity over profit and scale companies responsibly, or not at all.

We Are Entrepreneurs: Our Founders have a proven track record of getting audacious impact ventures off the ground, against the odds.

Diversity: We pride ourselves on an inclusive, safe, and diverse workplace. We actively strive for a wide-ranging mix of experience, skills, culture, and education.

Skin in the Game: We go all in. When we partner with a client we share in both the reward and the risk.  When you win, we win.

Global Network: Our combined founder experience spans work across more than 45 countries. The reach, creativity, and profile of our team enable us to add value to our clients in completely unique ways.

Depth of Talent Expertise: Our team has deep energy and e-mobility specific talent expertise, from executive search to high volume complex technical recruitment mandates. We have experience building leadership teams and delivering cultural change strategies for many of the world’s leading companies. 

what makes us unique


We support organizations that mirror our values.  We work with future-facing, purpose-driven companies daring enough to stay ahead of the curve by DISRUPTING themselves.

How WE Can Help YOU

We believe companies should be transparent, sustainable, act responsibility, be diverse and inclusive, technology-enabled, and see the energy transition as an opportunity, not a threat. 

Change is hard and the pace of change for entrepreneurs and leaders is only accelerating. In order to thrive, companies need to be nimble, innovative, be inclusive and diverse, be open to new ideas, and recruit and retain the best leadership talent.

That's where we can help.

how we can help

“The final candidate was a unicorn and you found him! 

It will have a huge impact on our business.” 

—  Brook Papau, President & CEO


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