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SCALEBLAZE was built on the belief that innovation is generated by the collision of diverse perspectives. 


Though our team shares a passion for a pioneering energy and mobility future, we are a motley crew of corporate misfits who have rejected traditional career paths.  Our nimble and geographically diverse team spans Canada, the UK, the USA, and Australia and encompasses an eclectic mix of individuals including; elite athletes, artists, writers, musicians, social entrepreneurs, and change activists. 

Graeme Edge


As a passionate impact entrepreneur and global connector, Graeme is the mastermind behind many purpose driven businesses including the world's fastest growing energy event; Energy Disruptors: UNITE. 

Graeme brings the tireless energy, innovation, and bold leadership needed to get ScaleBlazing initiatives off the ground.

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Rachel Maxwell


From executive search to world-class events, Rachel cultivates operational excellence.  Rachel's passion for positive impact, coupled with an unwavering commitment to authenticity, quality and almost 20 years of  experience makes her an industry leader in sourcing game-changing talent. 

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Michelle Edge


The creative force behind high impact initiatives like the Energy Disruptors: UNITE event series and The Great Canadian Staycation, Michelle has been recognised as one of the Top Canadian Event Professionals for conference planning and production.  An exponent for uniting people around human challenges, she  inspires action through combining her passion for the energy industry, intrepid creativity and the art of story telling.

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Holly Ransom


Globally renowned keynote speaker, disruption strategist, published author, and advocate for social and economic inclusion, Holly brings invaluable insight to the Scaleblaze team with her globally recognized expertise in culture, diversity, inclusion, and leadership.  When she isn't interviewing world leaders, Holly focuses on collaborative policy design and development to balance economic and commercial interests with social and ethical ramifications. Holly’s debut book on impact leadership will be released in July by Penguin Random House.

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Roger Atkins


One of the world’s top thought leaders in electric vehicles and new mobility, Roger is a business advisor and brand ambassador to multiple high profile e-mobility and zero-emission companies including Rimac, ZeroAvia, Momentum Dynamics and Energy Disruptors. Roger previously worked for Ricardo, Audi and Virgin Cars.


Roger has also been recognized as of one of LinkedIn’s Top Voices, with a following of 300,000 EV enthusiasts and 1 million monthly views for his content.

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Molly Beckham


Recent MBA grad, former elite NCAA lacrosse player and acclaimed community impact entrepreneur. One of the Co-founders of The Great YYC Staycation, Molly is now turning her attention to helping build leadership teams for entrepreneur led ventures at the forefront of the energy and new mobility sectors.

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Tracey Lloyd


Tracey brings invaluable communication, corporate relations and media experience to the ScaleBlaze team. Based in London, Tracey has been instrumental in the production of countless global media events including; U2’s 360 Live From The Rose Bowl, The Brit Awards, BAFTA Film Awards and Global Citizen Prize 2019, and has also been part of several M&As.  Her extensive media career has also crossed into radio with roles at both London’s Xfm and BBC Radio 1.

Tracey is now following her passions by working across the automotive, energy, TV and fitness industries in various roles.

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Aco Momcilovic


Based in Croatia, Aco is a business scaling and strategic HR expert. From 2015 to 2018, Aco was the Chief Human Resources Officer of Rimac Automobili, one of the world’s most exciting electric mobility technology companies.


Aco is a visiting Professor at the Swiss School of Business and Management and owner of FutureHR, a leading advisory firm focused on providing strategic HR, business scaling and execution expertise.


Aco is also chairman of the supervisory board of MBA Croatia, founder and former president of  POZA, a founder of the Voice of Entrepreneurs association - the biggest association of SMEs in Croatia - as well as creator and lead researcher of National AI Capital; an initiative pioneering the quantification of county-level AI capacity and capability.

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